TruMotion Tiny Tigerrs Martial Arts Program Millcreek UT

Tiny Tigers Program  

In our Tiny Tigers self defense class for kids ages 3-6 years, we focus on developing character and building confidence along with the physical attributes of coordination. Confidence comes from an elevated sense of competence. Our self defense program develops physical and mental competence through a variety of drills, exercises, and techniques designed to engage their minds and develop their physical strength, coordination, and endurance.

TruMotion Juniors Martial Arts Program Millcreek UT

Juniors Program 

This program is designed to help the student learn life long lessons of Hard Work, Integrity and Character. Through the proven methods TruMotion Martial Arts we help your child build confidence that will allow them to have a healthy Image. Our syllabus is based on the ancient (2000 year old) system of Shaolin Kung Fu mixed with the Kempo arts. We continue to test and provide avenues of leadership for this age bracket based upon their skill and willingness to help others.

TruMotion Teens Martial Arts Program Millcreek UT

Teens Program 

Our teens participate in a martial arts program that challenges them both mentally and physically, as well as develops strong character and discipline. Get in shape, learn skills, and make good friends in a positive and active environment.

TruMotion Adults Martial Arts Program Millcreek UT

Adults Program 

Shaolin Kempo Karate is an ancient mixed martial art. You will learn the powerful strikes of karate, the body manipulation of jiu-jitsu, the Internal strength of tai chi, the flowing art of Kung-fu, the kicks and footwork of taekwondo, tang su do, and multiple arts of South Asia. All have been seamlessly woven into the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate.

TruMotion Women's Self Defense Program Millcreek UT

women’s self defense 

Do you want to gain confidence and peace of mind in public? Consider our Women’s Martial Arts Course. You will receive a good workout and unlimited variations on training routines to focus on the areas you are looking to develop. The self-defense aspect is a natural byproduct of the training.

after school 

Our TruMotion after-school program is designed for hard working parents to have peace of mind that your child is in a safe environment after their school day, while learning valuable skills to help them grow. TruMotion students gain knowledge of priceless character development attributes that will stay with them forever.

What makes us Different

What Makes TruMotion Martial Arts Different

Private and Group Training Sessions

What Makes TruMotion Martial Arts Different

Tailored programs to help you achieve your goals

What Makes TruMotion Martial Arts Different

A focus on Fitness, Self-defense, and Strength of Character

What Makes TruMotion Martial Arts Different

Six local studios to fit your training needs


We have 6 self defense studios in Utah.